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The port is the nerve centre of Camariñas. Boats that come and go, fishing gear with a salt patina, seamen and seawomen bringing exquisite treasures for the most refined palates: octopus, sardines, mackerel, sea urchins, goose barnacles.. Also clams, pod razors and razor shells from the ria's calm waters. Each has its open and closed seasons.

Walking around the port area is an amazing experience. On the one hand, you have the day boats, using small gear, leaving early in the morning and coming back in the afternoon. On the other, you have the purse seiners or bottom longliners, larger than the day boats (over 50 tons). They leave at about 19:00h and return at dawn.

These same boats are decorated for the solemn procession in honour of their patroness, the Virxe do Carmen, every July 16. In the dock stands the headquarters of the Confraría de Pescadores, the Seafarers' Guild.

The municipality has another major port, Camelle, and the artisanal fishing ports of Santa Mariña and Arou.

The Camariñas' fish auction market has the peculiarity that the traditional auctioneer's chant is replaced by electronic methods that enable sales to take place even before the boat reaches port.

Nevertheless, there is an audio clip of the old auctioneer's chant that you can listen to now.

AUDIO:  Auction at the market

AUDIO:  Danza de Arcos and procession of the Virxe do Carmen

VIDEO: Fishing in Camariñas "Sea of knowledge and flavours"

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