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Gare de Tournemire (au 1er plan)

Everybody has a ticket

Credit : DelphineAtche

The Tournemire-Le Vigan railway line was put into service on August 24th 1896. 2 hours were required to complete the journey, and it was then the only means used to transport Roquefort cheese. In 1897, the traffic was only 25 passengers per day and 15,000 tons of goods per year. In 1922 traffic peaked with 372 passengers per day and 33,000 tons of goods transported during the year. One still remembers these trains pulled by two steam locomotives that would transport cabanières (female staff working in the Roquefort caves), just as “migou” (sheep manure) intended, among others for the rice fields in Camargue. From 1920 onwards, road transport supplanted rail, and the line was finally closed on May 15th, 1939.Source : Le chemin de fer Le Vigan-Tournemire-Roquefort - ed° Cévennes Magazine

Technical information

Lat : 43.9701Lng : 3.01143
0 m
92 d