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Cárcere Vello beach is a small sandy beach behind Vila Eduardo Fano square, where much of the town's historical heritage is concentrated, which dates back to the sixteenth century.

According to legend, its name comes from the prison located in the Manor House of los Condes de Graxal which was joined with the parish church of Nosa Señora do Socorro through a secret tunnel that originated here, in its nearest beach.

The beach is accessed by stone steps, located behind the Fishermen's Guild building, where you can also visit the Fishing Archive Museum.

The shape of the beach varies with the tide and at low tide joins up with Caracoleiro beach and that of As Salseiras, the main beach of Caion where the blue flag normally flies.

From here you can continue to the port, walk through the town and get to know about its whaling past or turn right and follow the footpath.

Whatever you choose, will take you to discover historic sites and enjoy as coastline that is as rugged as it is lovely.

Continue the route to As Salseiras with audio guide

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