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Los Condes de Graxal Manor House, dating from the 16th century represents one of the most important elements of the historic heritage of the municipality of A Laracha.

Originally it belonged to the powerful Bermudez de Castro family, Montaos lords, later Counts of Graxal and jurisdictional owners of the town, the port and the nearby parishes.

Their influence is seen in the oldest buildings in the Vila Eduardo Fano square. If you look south, you will find (on the right) the convent of St. Augustine, founded by Fernando Bermudez de Castro in the 16th century and the parish church of Santa Maria do Socorro, the first temple built under the management of the friars.

The robust architecture of the palace, with a semi-circular arch over the door and 3 metre thick walls, withstood being the town's nerve centre, where the neighbours of Caión and the surroundings came to pay tithes to the feudal lords.

A prison was also housed inside it, and the sands nearest to it still bear its name, Cárcere Vello beach.

The Legend
If you look closely at the façade, you will see the impenetrability of a building which is ideal for keeping secrets and making up stories. According to legend, in the palace there was a tunnel that connected the counts' rooms with the parish church and went out to Cárcere Vello beach, which is next to you.


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