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Rue du Capitaine Pileux

Rue du Capitaine Pileux

Captain Louis René Pileux commanded a company of the 281st infantry regiment. He was killed on the evening of 19 August 1914, during the recapture of the Geissberg, and is buried in Zillisheim cemetery. Since 1991, neighbouring streets have been named after other protagonists of the battle: General Jacques Humbert (1893-1993), second lieutenant in 1914 and historian of the event, Canon Bernard Carte, former chaplain of the 97th, and Joseph Schwechler (1891-1992), witness and organiser of the commemorative ceremonies from 1922.

Technical information

1 Rue du Capitaine Pilleux
68720 Zillisheim
Lat : 47.692929Lng : 7.304075
260 m
270 d