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Collines du Geissberg et du Steinberg

Collines du Geissberg et du Steinberg

On the day of the battle, 3,000 men of the French 97th RIA concentrated in a rectangle 400 metres in front and 600 metres deep, on the Geissberg, extended by the Steinberg. From 1.45 p.m. German time onwards, three battalions rushed towards the village in succession. They came up against heavy German fire, retreated to the ridge, collided and fired at each other, causing several hundred casualties. The Geissberg, also known as hill 305 in reference to its altitude, was then occupied by German troops and retaken by the French of the 281st RI at around 8pm.

Technical information

Lat : 47.690127Lng : 7.313081
306 m
273 d