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Cincle plongeur au printemps dans un torrent
Cincle plongeur
Cincle plongeur sur un rocher

White-throated dipper

Credit : Robert Chevalier - PNE

Perched on a large, partly immersed pebble, the dipper sways to and fro with its tail aloft, and then dives down head first into the swirling water. This surprising passerine is unusual in moving underwater against the current in search of food. Thanks to a thin membrane protecting its eyes from the water, it can spot its prey (worms, small shellfish, water insect larva), before lifting its head out of the water and letting the current carry it gently along. It then takes up a new surveillance position and starts the process all over again.

Technical information

Lat : 45.0562Lng : 6.28099
0 m
282 d