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The Forest of Experiences - Beaujolais - Saint-Cyr-le-Châtoux

The Forest of Experiences - Beaujolais - Saint-Cyr-le-Châtoux


Explore the Cantinière forest massif according to your preferences:
in Nordic walking to get oxygen, maintain your health, sculpt your figure,
or equipped with a headlamp to hike in the moonlight, like an explorer,
binoculars and cameras around your neck, to observe wild animals and plants, in zen mode, to commune with the trees on the path of the Forest of Experiences.

Connect to the forest world through the season:
winter shivers: taking a walk when the forest exudes a supernatural atmosphere with the winter mists and the silence amplifies the mysterious creaks of the undergrowth, spring rebirth: letting yourself be invaded by the first heat which makes the buds hatch and the birds chirp, life outside: take advantage of the summer to take a long hike, picnic in the shade of the trees and end the day admiring the sunset, fall colours: admire the canopy as it turns golden.

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Espace Monique Rivier dans le bourg
69870 Saint-Cyr-le-Chatoux
Lat : 46.026666Lng : 4.556792
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