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The Gallo-Roman column

Arlon_Centre_Ville_(284) - Colonne Gallo-Romaine - 1280-1920.jpg
Credit : FTLB-P.Willems


In 1972, a company responsible for sewerage work discovered a large fragment of a religious monument erected in honour of Jupiter. It is generally associated with a crowning figure of a rider killing a half-human, half-serpent monster. It is assumed to have an octagonal base dedicated to the gods of the week. This column is a reconstruction made from copies, installed in the early 1990s to evoke the Gallo-Roman past of the city. Discover it on Grand-Rue in Arlon.

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6700 Arlon
Lat : 49.6844Lng : 5.81682
429 m

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proposed by Pays d'Arlon
2 rue des Faubourgs 6700 Arlon Belgique

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