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Rocher de Saint-Peyre

St-Peyre rock

Credit : © Nathalie Thomas

To evoke the site of St Peyre, here is a text by C. Chante, taken from his work Un coin des Cévennes. Le Vigan et ses environs (1933). “All of a sudden, an oak grove appears that surrounds a small clearing where some leftover rocks, laid out in an elongated oval, seem to indicate a cromlech. At one end stands the antique structure, which the centuries have respected and which the Christians never thought to come and destroy on this almost inaccessible escarpment. There can be no doubt about its purpose: it is clearly a Druidic altar, made from granite blocks set out in a semicircle with a gradient, whence the priest must have harangued the faithful before or after the sacrifice (…).”

Technical information

Lat : 44.0058284Lng : 3.4920933
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