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Maizeret Fort

Maizeret Fort

Maizeret: the strategic location of forts

The Meuse forts are defensive works erected in top strategic positions. They meet the fundamental criteria established by their creator.

- They are at a distance sufficient to prevent the assailant from bombing Namur; they had to keep it out of reach of gunfire and hidden from direct view.

- The works had to be set at a distance not exceeding the immediate reach of their main artillery. In this way they could assist each other through mutual bombing.

- The forts had to overlook the artillery target area, especially in the gaps separating them from their neighbours, in order to be within sight of each other and consequently to allow signalling and direct fire sighting.

Brialmont, whilst being aware of the very tight budgetary constraints and of the relieving of casualties in the defended areas, managed to define a layout and emplacements to meet his specifications.

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Lat : 50.4596785Lng : 4.9788542
0 m
5 years

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