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The Battle of Mons. Objects bearing Witness

The Battle of Mons. Objects bearing Witness

In this exhibition, visitors will be able to find out about the events
marking the Battle of Mons, which took place in August 1914.
Chronologically, it follows on from the “Signes des temps” exhibition.
The events of the early days of the war will of course be covered as an
introduction to the Battle of Mons. For this exhibition, organised at a
museum of fine arts, the concept will be to put the historic object or
item right at the heart of the approach, without magnifying it. Thanks
to the careful design work, the Battle of Mons will be looked at from a
historic or chronological perspective, and history will be explained
using the exhibits as a starting point. This is a fantastic opportunity
to find out about the philosophy of the future Mons Memorial Museum,
introducing certain items, testimonials and photographs that will be
exhibited in the future museum space.

Curator: Guillaume Blondeau

Technical information

Rue Neuve
7000 Mons
Lat : 50.4557Lng : 3.95218
0 m
7 years