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Canexol neighbourhood

Canexol neighbourhood

Here,at this place, in Canexol neighbourhood, in its sandy areas, the “hórreos” with “celeiros” a small group of houses where the rectory house is, with a hill above where the castro of the Moors´House is and in the low part we can see a hermitage and a cemetery. From here we can understand the passages of the history and the ethnography of Ons inhabitants from the ancient history to nowadays through archaeological remains of the different times, its population, beliefs, habitsm legends or myths related all of them to a popular insular, sometimes isolated and with a great identity, a particular culture.

We will find this way, the way of living, traditions, uses and customs of the inhabitants of an insular community in the Southern Galician sea inlet, in Pontevedra inland, looking at the continent, Cíes and Sálvora and almost Cortegada. They are the inhabitants of the island of Ons.

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