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Punta do castelo

Punta do castelo

We are in an excellent viewpoint, inland and south of the Pontevedra estuary and to the east coast of Ons, with the beach of Melide to the north and the dock to the south south pier, O Curro neighborhood, the beach of Canexol, the island of Onza and even Cíes islands at the bottom, and the beach of A Lanzada, Bueu and la Costa Da Vela as part of a nice short path for public use in which we can observe the scrub ecosystem and riverbank thickets.

On the way, this spot is an appropriate place to observe land birds, mammals, reptiles and even amphibians because it has moist areas like Castelo stream we will cross on several occasions.

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Lat : 42.380554704912Lng : -8.9294664169968
0 m
5 years

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