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The Red Room

The Red Room


“It was an evening in early May. The little garden up on Mosebacke hill had not yet been opened to the public. and the flower beds had not yet been dup up; the snowdrops had worked their way up through the piles of last year’s leaves and were rounding of their breef activities to yeald their place to the less hardu croucuses, wich had taken shelter under a barren pear tree; the lilacs were waiting for a southerly wind before they started blooming, but the unopened buds of the limes were still offreing love potions to the chaffinches, who had begun building their moss-clad nests between the trunks and branches.”

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Work: “Röda rummet” (The Red room). Novel. 1879

By: August Strindberg 1849-1912

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Lat : 59.3178004Lng : 18.0740766
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5 years

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