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Umedalens Sculpture

Umedalens Sculpture


Umedalen Skulptur is one of Europe's most prominent sculpture parks, located in Umeå, in the Umedalen area. Umedalen was built in the 1930s as a mental hospital area, but was phased out and sold by Västerbotten County Council in 1987 to real estate company Balticgruppen.

Balticgruppen chose to transform and develop the old health care institution to a modern and attractive area for living and working. As part of its ambition to change the connotation of the area's charged name - leading many Swedes to think of mental illness - Baltic created the art project Umedalen Skulptur in collaboration with Galleri Andersson/Sandström; the gallery to be responsible for the artistic content and Balticgruppen for funding the project.


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