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Discover Ağlasun!

Ağlasun is a green oasis with cool breezes that are an antidote to the heat of Antalya.

Off the beaten path, Ağlasun is an escape from the crowds on the Mediterranean coast.

Visitors will find friendly people, an unspoiled landscape, distinct culinary traditions and interesting examples of traditional architecture in an area undiscovered by tourists.

Lots to do in Ağlasun!

Besides a visit to the magnificient ruins of the ancient Roman city of Sagalassos, visitors can explore walking and trekking routes in an unspoiled landscape, enjoy local cuisine, learn about traditional mudbrick architecture, and join locals to experience farm life with fruit picking or milking cows!

How to get there, where to stay?

Ağlasun is easy to reach in a day trip from Antalya, Isparta, Burdur, or Eğirdir.

In town, a charming eco-hotel, camp site, and homestays with local families are available. Student pensions of the local college are also available for rent during summer.

The pleasures of friendly and authentic Turkish rural life awaits in Ağlasun to be discovered!

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