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Casino, former Jesuit church

Casino, former Jesuit church

An integral part of a college established in 1620, the former Jesuit church was built between 1732 and 1740. In 1871, it was re-assigned to become a municipal venue, as witnessed by the quoins panelled in relief on the gate. Composed of brick and bluestone, the façade is structured by the cross wall pilasters and the entablatures. A double flight of stairs leads to the monumental doorway. The upper level features a bull's-eye window above an arched window with a toothed surround. The curved pediment on which the initials I.H.S. are inscribed is enclosed by two decorative stone vases. The remainder of the building is made from hewn limestone blocks. The nave is lit by four bays with arched and toothed windows and the chancel has three similar windows. The old church has a slate roof over a stone ledge crowned with an onion-shaped pinnacle and a small skylight. The church is currently part of a hotel that will shortly be extended.

Building listed on 2nd September 1985

Lat : 50.2275Lng : 5.3457
0 m
2 years

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