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Ruins of Beaufort castle, Lovegnée

Ruins of Beaufort castle, Lovegnée

Rising from a spur overlooking the Meuse, these remains include the ruins of the former Ben oratory and those of a castle keep dating back to the beginning and end of the 12th century respectively. This oratory, founded by the lords of Beaufort, and of which only the substructure in the form of an apse and a few walls still survive, was the subject of a charter in 1127 authorising a mixed community to celebrate mass there. All that remains of the keep is part of a wall ten metres or so high where the features of the otiginal building can be glimpsed.

In 1276, the domain of Beaufort took over the earldom of Namur during the "War of the Cow", an episode during which a peasant from Jallet (earldom of Namur) stole a cow from a peasant in Ciney (principality of Liège). The thief having been put to death against the orders of Henri de Beaufort, bailiff of the Condroz, he and the lord of Jallet decided to pillage Ciney by way of reprisal. The people of Huy, taking affront, laid siege to Beaufort, forcing the local lord to call on assistance from count of Namur on condition of becoming his vassal.  Beaufort then became a strategic point between the earldom of Namur and the principality of Liège. A further siege by Huy in 1430, left the castle keep in ruins.

Site listed on 18th November 1982

Building listed on 3rd July 1984

Lat : 50.502Lng : 5.18524
0 m
2 years

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