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Blessed water's Pia

Blessed water's Pia

Exceptional liturgical object consisting of two perfectly differentiated elements: the pia itself dictates and a vertical upper body structured as an altarpiece. The first, in hex format, presents boards with draughts and abstract motifs on the sides and vegetables, the basis of rosettes in the front, as well as a bracket richly decorated to support mode inverted pyramid. The upper part is structured into two sections of unequal height and ornamental treatment, separated by a cornice with double flat trim similar to that stick out of the Board and the base of the pia.
The lower, more stunted, shows a central pierced decoration flanked by two columninas of classical order. The upper, however, boasts three scallop shells that betray the Compostela origin of the piece, arranged in vertical and framed by an ornamental Arch of half point and two levels of small columns, two of them wound. Bordering the set to gardapolvo mode, are ornamental these superpostas upside. On the reverse, a fastening washers, slices in the even material, demonstrate its portable nature.

Lat : 42.8825Lng : -8.54343
0 m
2 years

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