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Reinhardstein Castle

Reinhardstein Castle

Following 150 years of neglect and destruction, since 1970 the “Burg Reinhardstein” (Reinhardstein Castle) has finally been returned to its former glorious existence.In the heart of the East Walloon cantons, in the south of the High Fens, the castle, standing on a rock outcrop, looks down over the Warche, and is only about 800 m downstream from the Robertville dam.This place that was occupied long ago by the Celts, seems to want to keep its secrets for itself, both by day and by night. Nevertheless it has a magical attraction. Everyone discovers something there for themselves and their expectations are fulfilled. These range from childhood dreams to the sober expectations of an adult. So - is this a castle for everyone? Of course it is. But not for any-old-body!

The castle stands there waiting to be conquered by you. Isolated from the modern world, it seems to be laughing at our hectic life-styles. One should approach the castle on foot, because then you can try to listen out for the birds singing, the rustle of a passing deer or the quiet splashing of the brook.

Lat : 50.4527Lng : 6.10262
0 m
2 years

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