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Raeren castle

Raeren castle


Raeren castle was in the middle of the 14th Century built at the confluence of the Iter- and the Periolbach on the site of a smelter for iron. Who has built it is unknown. The castle was a fief of the provost man Chamber of the Aachen Marie cloister. The first known owner of house and home "zen Roideren" in the parish Walhorn was Johan van den Roiderer (1426). At that time, the castle consisted of a residential tower, known as a "dungeon" with an almost quadratical floor plan. Separated by a court, stood a kitchen. The farm buildings were located at its present location. Access to the courtyard was out of the north east. The entire property was surrounded by two moats and several ponds.Layout of the original plan of the Raeren castle in the 14th century


Since 1963, the Pottery Museum Raeren is housed in the historic Raeren castle from the 14th Century. Already in the first years after its opening, the museum provided scientific sensation on the national and international level , because it presented for the first time a complete overview over the history of Raeren stoneware. To the present day the Pottery Museum Raeren is the only institution worldwide that can provide such an overview.
Since mai 2007 Raeren stoneware and the Pottery Museum Raeren with his collectiosn has been labellized as EUROPEAN CULTURAL HERITAGE.

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