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Pazo de Conso

Pazo de Conso

The Pazo de Conso is a magnificent example of palace style noble construction. These kinds of buildings abound here due to the large families and lineages which governed these lands for centuries. This 18th century palace is private property and cannot be visited. However, despite the large wall surrounding the building, we can admire its grandiosity from the outside. Erected with granite ashlars of different shapes, it presents a structure similar to a large fort or castle. The main body of the palace is rectangular with two floors and annexed buildings arranged around a courtyard. There is an enormous cross trapezoidal chimney on the south façade topped with pinnacles and stone balls. The building solves the big difference in slope levels with large side buttresses. The closure wall at different heights is imposing thanks to the enormous portal topped with cubes distributed at regular intervals similar to castle battlements. At the bottom over the access door, two blazons set at two different façade levels in classic façade style. This magnificent example of palatial structure is said to have belonged to the influential lineage of the Counts of Lemos who increased their dominions with different territories in Spain and Italy.

Lat : 42.1756Lng : -7.17099
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2 years

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