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Recreational area A Ribeira

Recreational area A Ribeira

The recreational area of A Ribeira is designed for the use and enjoyment of the riverbank area, likewise preservation and maintenance of the ecosystems of the same to achieve environmental, aesthetic and landscape improvement of the area. The actions carried out contemplated environmental adjustment of fishermen’s routes, recovering of an existing one, creation of a reaction area for leisure and relax equipped tables and informative panels, likewise reforestation with autochthonous species.

The area with excellent quality waters presents natural beauty spots of great environmental importance for the flora and fauna extant. Among the most noteworthy species of fauna we have the: deer, boar and wolf mainly in the areas of greater altitude. Other species worthy of mention are: tawny pipit, northern wheatear, Eurasian golden oriole, Dartford warbler and lizard of the bushes. Due to continental-Mediterranean climate of the area the predominant vegetation is: heather, with  gorse, plus the Galaic-Portuguese oak forests with “Quercus robur” and “Quercus pirenaica”. Birch is also present with forests of “Castanea sativa”. The existence of heritage resources like the A Ribeira fort and monoliths with etchings in the nearby surroundings are also worthy of mention.

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