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The Virgin of Charity Sanctuary

The Virgin of Charity Sanctuary

The Charity Sanctuary is one of the most popular and appreciated in the territory since it combines faith, legend and tradition. Its neoclassic construction stands out for its simplicity and sobriety. The classic façade is divided into two bodies practically without volume; it is closed with a buttress at either end which finishes in stone pinnacles. Only the front canvas fractures to give way to two access doors and small oculi at the top. This central body acting as a backdrop is closed at the top with a divided concave front from which the bell tower emerges, thus breaking the horizontal composition of the lower body.

Legend has it that a countess of Monterrei who was not very kind, enjoyed contemplating the view of the valley, suddenly went blind. In the light of this tragedy her husband promised to raise a chapel dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the first place the lady saw again on recovering from her blindness. The miracle occurred here, and tradition dictates that the Monday after the second Sunday of Pentecost, the pilgrims should wash their eyes in the spectacular fountain with a Baroque air located on the north side to protect them from any.

There are many traditional cantigas alluding to the sanctuary and the miracle:

Monterrei está nun alto/ e Verín nun baixo está/e alá nun campiño raso/A Virxe da Carida

Monterrei is on a mountain/ and Verín is below/ and there in a flat field/ The Virgin of Charity

Lat : 41.9432Lng : -7.53068
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2 years

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