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Tower of the Templars

Tower of the Templars

Vilaza Tower of the Templars would have belonged to monastery, under the dominion of Ourense in the 11th century.

This Roman tower of the 12th-13th century presents a medieval structure in which the 8 circular windows form a semicircular arch finished with a chess moulding over plugged corbels. The circular windows of the south wall are especially worked with geometric motifs bordering the top part of the window arch. The access door from the north presents notches over which the smooth tympanum rests framed by a semicircular arch. The north wall vertex, at the height of the second floor we find an anthropomorphic image highly altered by time but clearly medieval in style.

The Tower of the Templars is set within a spectacular architectural monument which tells us the relevance of this town in the territory. Entering its environment one can discover magnificent examples of the palatial mansion architecture like the House of the Hermidas or walled Mansion of the Limia whose sundial in the closing wall will dazzle you, likewise the challenging blazon indicates the date of its construction in 1804. Moreover you must visit the magnificent 17th century mansion known as Blanco-Rajoy or Espadas, decorated with blazon on the access gate and façade. Today it is a hotel establishment.

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