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Eternal Father Sanctuary

Eternal Father Sanctuary

The Eternal Father Sanctuary is on a hill overlooking the Bibei valley, and is one of the most noteworthy buildings of Viana do Bolo. It is a 17th century neoclassical church presided by an image of the Holy Trinity. A cleanly executed simple structure comprised of granite ashlars and traditional slate roof of the area. Its most noteworthy element is the three body tower, work of the quarry masters Otero, from A Estrada in Pontevedra. Inside we come across the beautiful venerated image of the Eternal Father, carved in wood with a globe in his right hand from which images of Christ Crucified and dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit emerge.

The sanctuary celebrates the Eternal Father procession in May also known as that of the “holy bread”. During this celebration the inhabitants carry the image in the procession. After the procession the worshippers turn around it bringing bread, cloths or other objects to his mantle, since due to contact with the saint, they will be blessed the entire year providing their owners with protection. Furthermore, tradition and legend say the pieces of bread touched by the saint remain incorrupt forever.

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