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Mills of Pradocabalos/ Bembibre and Vilaseco

Mills of Pradocabalos/ Bembibre and Vilaseco

Viana do Bolo town council has recovered and renovated the ethnographic heritage of the territory centring their actions on hydraulic mills. These buildings are closely tied to the world of employment, subsistence economy, traditions and natural resources represented by the dense river network of the region in this case.

These 19th century buildings have a simple prismatic shape with slate roofing. They belong to a category known as the horizontal wheel or rodicio, a typology widely extended in the area and its implementation documented since the medieval period. Water mills were built on the very river flow so the force of the current moved a wheel of vertical blades. Via a gear system the rotating movement of the axis was transmitted to a second axis installed on a grinding stone which crushed the grain or fruit deposited there. The mills could be privately or commonly owned. The Pradocabalos group was a private exploitation and its owner received a percentage of the milled product for their services. It was traditional for these buildings to be known by the name of the owners, thus you could visit Alvarez Mill, Penedo Mill and Juan Mill.

Pradocabalos, Bembibre and Vilaseco, in the very heart of River Camba, offer the opportunity to enjoy an integral communion experience between natural and ethnographic heritage in an inimitable environment.

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