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Nocedo do Val River Beach

Nocedo do Val River Beach

Nocedo do Val River Beach invites you to enjoy an integral hiking experience, natural resources and leisure. The river beach is located in an area prepared for swimming together with areas for relaxing with pergolas and picnic areas next to paths stretching out along both sides of the river. The river network of the territory is vast with River Támega being the major protagonist. Classified as a Site of Community Importance and is included Natura 2000 network; it stands out for its riverbank flora and fauna, making it one of the most attractive complements of this recreational area.

The Riverside forests make up a natural corridor where the tree diversity is extensive, worthy of mention being Alnus glutinosa, Salix salviifolia, Corylus avellana and the chestnut tree forests: Castanea sativa, providing the ideal space for relaxing. If you are a lover of nature and watching animals in their natural habitat, this is the ideal place, since bird species are widely represented here with: Carduelis chioris, Charadrius dubius, Fringilla coelebs, Parus majos or Picus viridis. Among the mammals inhabiting this beauty spot we can find: Arvicola sapidus, Genette genetta, Lutra lutre, Microtus agrestis or Sorex coronatus.

Lat : 41.9988Lng : -7.44604
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2 years

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