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Silver Route. Campobecerros and Portocamba

Silver Route. Campobecerros and Portocamba

Campobecerros and Portocamba are part of the Silver Route leading to Ourense from Mérida entering Galicia via Portelas do Padornelo and A Canda. The Silver Route is one of the largest historical communication routes of the Iberian Peninsula. Of Roman origin it crossed almost the entire western area of today’s Spanish territory. From the 9th century it became important as a peregrination trail called the “Mozarab Trail” since it was the Christians residing in Moorish territory who used this route to reach.

Crossing the Dry Sierra via the Silver Route we reach Campobecerros which once belonged to the military order of San Marcos de León, where pilgrims were aided and protected by the Knights of the Order of Santiago. In this town the gate opens on to the natural Park do Invernadoiro, where you can visit the church of Santiago and discover the traditional manufacture of coal on the Route dos Carboeiros. At 3 kilometres we enter Portocamba, an alternative route of the Sierra de San Mamede valley. The toponym is Latin in origin portu, a narrow pass between mountains and camba from the Celtic root camb- (curve). Camba is the name of the river crossing the area and was already mentioned in 1095. It stands out for its traditional architecture of stone and slate, likewise the church of San Miguel, a small building erected in in the 17th century.

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