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Montes Church

Montes Church

Montes Church in Cualedro is a Baroque parish church of the 17th century with Romanesque influences. Built with a gabled roof it presents a single rectangular nave with rough masonry wall, which lead longitudinally to the presbytery. The high altar has a majestic colourful main altarpiece in rural Baroque style. The side wall opens onto a semicircular section to house a second altarpiece of similar characteristics. As to the façade the door with lintel and mouldings of beam heads on lintel and lower part of the jambs make us consider a possible Roman origin. The semicircular part embedded the bell tower wall confirms this theory, since it could be indicative a façade from a previous period. This tower retains as relieves a cross inscribed in a circle flanked by the sun and moon suggesting a possible relation to the Templar order. The church surprises with an exquisite example of a sundial, comprising a sun with a human face of mythological reminiscences. Remember to visit the Rectory with walls of stone and rough ashlars, which preserves the remains of balconies on pillars with corbels of wavy profile. The building is closed by an imposing fountain and crossing.

Lat : 41.965Lng : -7.55498
0 m
2 years

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