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Larouco Route

Larouco Route

The route starts from A Xironda on a journey of over 10 kilometres running among rivers along the paths of Larouco Sierra. There are many attractions to be enjoyed on this route, for example those known as the Elbows of Larouco, alluding to the twisty layout of the Roman road called Vía Nova or Vía XVIII on the Antonino itinerary which joined the region to Portugal. The Elbows can be seen from the top of the Sierra de Ermida, at an altitude of 560 metres; from where you can also see the 2nd century Roman bridge over river Bibei.

Enter nature and enjoy the magical variety it offers on this route via the extraordinary chestnut soutos co-existing with the abundant presence of thyme, rockrose or rosemary and the splendid specimens of cork and olive trees, which historically supplied the many oil mills in the area. Along this route you can visit the parish of Seadur to see the remains of the magnificent Cabanelas fort, which still preserves its walls, moat and parapet of gigantic granite rocks telling us of the early settlements in these lands while offering a spectacular view of the valleys of Petín and A Rúa. If you have the opportunity, enjoy these views from the air practising parapent, an activity in which Larouco has become a national reference.

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