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The Mill Route

The Mill Route

The Mill Route is a circular hiking route covering water mills destined for grinding grain and recently renovated in Santa María de las Mercedes.

This action aims to recover the ethnographic and cultural heritage of buildings linked to work, economy and water so present in our history. In 19th century Galicia there were 8,278 mills, a fact related to two characteristics, geographical and historical. On the one hand, the multiplicity of rivers generating the motor force which activates their mechanisms; and on the other the disperse occupation of the territory forcing an agrarian complex based mainly on self-sufficiency.

The kilometre route designed starts at the top of the Estivadas running along river Baldriz, affluent of Támega, to descend among extraordinary landscapes of chestnut trees and birches until reaching the town hall of Cualedro. Along the route you can visit the mills named after their old owners and which they were once known by: muíño do tío Luis, Berto, Mateo, Serafín and Alejos. In these you can discover the structure and engineering of these buildings, their function and traditions associated with them; since mills were also essential scenarios of daily life in the area, appearing in numerous traditions, rites and traditional songs:Unha noite no muíño, unha noite non é nada / One night in the mill, one night is nothing

Unha semaniña enteira esa sí que é muiñada/ A whole week, that is surely muiñada

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