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Caldeliñas Spa

Caldeliñas Spa

Caldeliñas Spa was one of the most visited in the area until it closed in 1960. The spa waters spring up from a clay terrain accompanied by bubbles, forming a small natural fountain, whose waters went to a bath and swimming pool inside the building. The establishment offered spa therapy services similar to those of Fonte de Sousas, and belonged to the same owner in its heyday, i.e. a reputable photographer of the Royal Court in Madrid, Fernando Debas Dujant, who purchased the spas in 1887-1888.

The building was in two sections according to descriptions of the period. The first a beautiful  stone pavilion with glazing supported by elegant cast columns where the spas were, three pools for group baths, numerous individual changing rooms and a tank to store water for the second building. This one had two wings with individual marble baths with  their corresponding changing room and dressing room. The wing at the back was destined to spaces for therapies, i.e. showers or inhalation rooms. At the end of the 19th century, the users of the group cold bath had to pay 1 peseta and for a hot bath the cost amounted to 1.50 pesetas.

These waters declared a public utility in 1859 flow at 24º and are the hottest in the area. The waters are of average mineralization containing sodium bicarbonate, fluor and lithium, are indicated for skin and rheumatic disorders via baths and external therapies.

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