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Toad Fountain

Toad Fountain

Toad Fountain channels a spa of mineral-medicinal properties in Verín, noteworthy at international level since it concentrates the largest number of resources of these characteristics in Europe. The extraordinary quality of its waters is the basis of the interest and exploitation of this thermal treasure via spas like those of: Sousas, Fontenova, Cabreiroá, Requeixo or Caldeliñas.

The Toad Fountain has two fountains occupying a natural area on the river bank. It springs up from among the rocks and is covered by stone slabs creating a traditional gabled fountain roof. The water flows constantly and the temperature is cold. Its composition is similar to other spas in the areas, i.e. it is alkaline, pleasant taste, containing sodium bicarbonate, lithium, fluor and is slightly sulphur conveying a characteristic smell. Its properties are indicated for treating: gastro-hepatic ailments, urinary disorders, and is indicated for skin diseases when applied externally.

This fountain is one of the most appreciated spots of the Verin inhabitants, not only for the benefits provided by the water but also because it is a meeting place for people in the area, and is the protagonist of numerous traditional sayings and songs:

A auga todo lava, se non a mala fada: Water washes everything except bad talk.

A auga de correr e a xente de falar, non se pode privar:
You can’t stop water from running or people from talking.

Lat : 41.9464Lng : -7.41075
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2 years

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