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Feast of the Holy Christ of Laza

Feast of the Holy Christ of Laza

The feast of the Holy Christ in Laza combines a religious feast with exaltation of the cross and the feast of the Mayos, an ancient rural pagan cult. The Mayos cycle starts 1st May with the harvesting of the “mayo”, which is the tallest straightest tree in the place, whose branches are pruned, and then hoisted the next day in the village centre.

In the procession held on 3rd May, images of the Holy Christ and Virgin of the Rosary are carried; characters with their own function also participate like Adam and Eve, Abraham, Isaac, an angel and 6 dancers. The figures of the Adam and Eve have special prominence in this celebration. Eve is chosen by secret ballot and must be a beautiful, well-behaved single girl. On the day of the procession the women of the village will dress her like a bride. Adam accompanied by 6 dancers will appear as a mature figure dressed with a long green tunic and cape of yellow satin. He must make Eve laugh during the procession. On reaching A Picota square, the entourage joins the procession interpreting the dance of the Holy Christ in different places. On returning to the square, there will be a representation of the “auto sacramental”  of the sacrifice of Isaac. After this play, 2 dancers represent the battle between Moors and Christians.

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