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Retorta Church

Retorta Church

The church of Santa María da Retorta in Laza represents one of the scarce examples of Gothic architecture in a rural town in Galicia.  Despite pertaining to a Gothic period, there are numerous references to late Roman found in its structure which remits us to a previous construction.
It has a single nave floor layout with trapezoidal apse at whose feet a tower rises up arched at its roof and rectangular base, with a beautiful mullioned window decorated with blazons of the Monerrei.

The façade has a pointed arch door with double archivolt (voussure) decorated with beam heads. These are rested over the twin columns with beautifully worked capitals. On the west façade set between annexed walls and buttresses, another interesting portal appears with archivolts (voussures) adorned with balls and sawteeth, over columns with historiated capitals. Over this portal there is top rosette with stone latticework 3 metres in diameter illuminating the apse ogival windows inside the church.

Inside the two floors of the building supported by columns with block cushions are separated by the impost tracing the space. The triumphal arch of the temple probably reformed, is semi-point and is rested on a semicircular pilaster presenting two columns at either side.

Discover the fascinating sculpture work of corbels, beam ends and capitals; moreover remember to visit the magnificent crossing of 1738 which closes the monument.

Lat : 42.0207Lng : -7.46222
0 m
2 years

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