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Santa Ana’s Chapel

Santa Ana’s Chapel

Santa Ana’s chapel has a strong tradition associated with the warring and religious history in this municipality. Oímbra, as a border area with Portugal, was sieged on numerous occasions due to multiple conflicts and wars with Portugal. As a defensive element against these attacks a castle and defence towers which were burnt down in 1641 after another Portuguese incursion. You can still see the remains of the fortification walls, which could not avoid one of the most important historical episodes of this territory. 

In the 16th century there was the bloodiest battle with Portugal whose troops devastated and razed the place, whilst the inhabitants escaped to the steep mountains of Soutullo and Santa Ana, managing to protect themselves and miraculously escape death. To commemorate this event, this sanctuary devoted to that saint identified in Christian tradition as the Virgin Mary, was erected. Santa Ana patroness of female workers, miners and those giving birth, and the patroness of Oimbra, whose feast is 26th July.

Enjoy the exceptional views from this place at the viewpoint at 660 metres high, from where you can see the grandiosity of the Verín Valley, the nearby fort of Monterrei, the highlands of Larouco, and let your eyes see into the neighbouring country, crossing the dividing line separating these two territories.

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