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San Cibrao Crossing

San Cibrao Crossing

San Cibrao crossing is an impressive representation forming part of the most noteworthy elements of the Ourense diocese.

It has all the characteristics associated with these religious constructions although there are sometimes rogational, praise or offertory reasons. The Crossings are usually located at crossroads, church atria or pagan places of worship.

They are made up of different structural elements consisting of: platform made from various tiers of ashlars with a truncated quadrangular pyramid shape, which are 3 in San Cibrao; a quadrangular granite pedestal with an inscription indicated date and name of the worshipper who had it built. The inscription of the San Cibrao crossing tells us the date it was made and name of the promoter: “This work was ordered by Francisco Crespo - 1754”, complete the legend on its side, the initials: IHS (Iesus Hominum Salvator: Jesus the Saviour of men). The column is fluted made from two bodies and stylized it finishes in the usual capital, which in this case is profusely decorated with vegetable motifs. To complete the construction it has a Latin cross decorated with an exquisite delicate Pietà over the heads of angels. In this representation the contained expressivity of the Virgin Mary cradling the dead body of her son who seems to be slipping from her arms, is what stands out.

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