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The Lagares Route

The Lagares Route

The route of the Lagares covers three kilometres among the fantastic landscapes of Oímbra, with the Lagares as the protagonist, whose structures excavated in rock outcrops which served as press bases to crush grapes or other fruits (olive, apple, etc.). There are different types of Lagares:  circular, ovoid and the most common are rectangular with lips or channels where the raw material was pressed. The liquid obtained was channelled to a different level or larger nearby pool. All those located to date are in areas where height, orography and climate are appropriate for vine growing, although they may also have been used for treating olives. In the Oimbra area 5 lagares were found (2 in O Outeiro, 1 in As Maseiras, 1 in Oímbra and another in San Cibrao), the largest and best preserved being the one on the road between Oímbra and Chas.  Given the environment, confluence of several slopes and proximity of water, all these factors could configure a press centre.

The route section of the valley together with the old fountain of the Carballos to finish the Lagar of the Mouros, travelling among traditions and legends associated with these buildings, which transmit the history of our ancestors, their ways of life likewise their economic and social organization.

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