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The Contraband Route

The Contraband Route

Smuggling and contraband was common between Portugal and the province of Ourense from the 15th century to the 1970s. The activity carried out by traders and locals consisted of avoiding prohibitions and high taxes in the trade of certain goods particularly wine, corn and cattle. The contraband route aims to recover history and place a value on this activity linked historically to towns bordering with Portugal.

We shall travel through those strategically located places, which due to their location converged different routes to carry out this economic activity outside the law. Due to its variety and complexity, the route is divided into 3 different sections, all circular. Route A: Terra da Raia, a 26 kilometre journey and the longest, starting and finishing in Vilardevós, crossing Florderrei, Enxame, Vilarello da Cota, Mairos, Arzádegos and Trabancas. Route B or Da Serra route which starts and finishes at the Contraband Interpretation Centre, this is 13.8 Km journey from there, allowing you to enjoy the marvellous views of Penas Libres Sierra. Lastly, Route C or Terra de Arriba, with medium difficulty and 13.7 Km long, it starts from Soutochao, crosses Tomonte, Berrande and Trave to finish again Soutochao. These routes let us travel to the past while hiking along paths once travelled by smugglers in landscapes of extraordinary natural historical and cultural beauty.

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