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Fervenza O Pisón

Fervenza O Pisón

The fantastic waterfalls of O Pisón represent the natural beauty of water flowing between mountains giving rise in this case to a spectacular drop from a large height of the River Mente, due to the brusque difference in level affecting the stream between the mountains protecting it. This river starts at an altitude of 1281 metres in Texeiras Sierra travelling 25 kilometres through Galician lands to form a border with Portugal at Veiga do Seixo, a village pertaining to the Riós town council. It houses an extraordinary biodiversity, and has excavated a deep valley under the rocky walls with differences in level of up to 400 metres high. These magical life and water spots have been custodians for centuries to a multitude of oral legends narrated with the presence of Moors and now forming a part of the customs and traditions of their environment, since in the past women from the neighbouring villages used to come to the shores to wash their clothes.

This area stands out for its fantastic natural environment and quality of its waters, which have justified the foundation of numerous spas to which locals and more and more strangers have flocked and flock to enjoy the beneficial effects of these waters.

Lat : 42.0174Lng : -7.30498
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