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Das Choias Cave

Das Choias Cave

Das Choias cave also called Das Grallas house is a natural rock formation of difficult access at almost 1,100 metros, in an area called Fragua das Choias. The name Choias might refer to the name given to small crows in the area which nest around these rock formations.

The cave consists of four large arches creating two separate entrances with a formation similar to a barley sugar column, 8 metres high by 4 wide, and inside the depth reaches 6 by 10 metres wide.

Recent studies place pre-Roman settlements in this enclave having found new interesting archaeological remains inside the result of surface studies and excavations. Back in 1921, the treasure of Urdiñeira was found at the foot of the cave, consisting of two gold bracelets and a bronze disc over 3,000 years old; and today deposited with Lugo Museum, and Ourense Archaeological Museum, respectively.

Furthermore, the cave is the protagonist of numerous legends in the area, having been inhabited by the Moors, the presence of large enchanted treasures or the existence of a buried tunnel which would join it to Pedroso fort.

Lat : 42.0236Lng : -7.26566
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