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Foxo dos Lobos

Foxo dos Lobos

The beautiful lands of Riós, rich in mountainous massifs and rivers, aided cattle breeding as a way of life with large flocks of sheep and herds of goats. These groups were threatened by the presence of a large community of wolves which weakened the flocks/herds and economy of the place. To reduce this threat, local inhabitants built the “foxos”, a common name to call the structures used in hunting this animal, which were led to these traps via beats and harassment.

The chronology of these constructions probably dates back to the medieval period. According to shape and capture technique of the structure, they are classified into 5 different types; simple, convergence, double convergence, cross and kid goat; with all their variables according to dialectal names. O Foxo dos Lobos, is a circular shape with a series of common elements to lead the animal to this closed space. Usually two stone walls were erected, bricks or wood forming a passage disguised on the outside by a low height and served to lead the animal to an inner area where there was a deep well, where the animal was chased without escape. This traditional communal hunting technique disappeared with the advent of poisons and firearms in the 19th century.

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