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Penedo de los Tres Reinos. Manzalvos

Penedo de los Tres Reinos. Manzalvos

This summit, landmark nº 350 is 1025 metres high and used to indicate the border between the old medieval kingdoms of Galicia, Castile and Portugal.

The name of the place dates back to the 13th century when there were numerous disputes among these border kingdoms regarding ownership of the fountains which began at the summit and descended towards Portugal. As the majority dried up in summer, only those in Portuguese territory had sufficient flow to supply the cattle pasturing in the area. The fountain located 200 metres from this landmark was used by the Zamoranos and Gallegos who demanded their ownership from the Portuguese Kingdom.

Legend has it that in 1253 during Alfonso III of Portugal’s visit to these lands, he decided to call a meeting for all the monarchs of these kingdoms to settle the problem. The three agreed to create an area of 1,000 square metres as a common watering ground for all three territories. To seal the agreement, they made three Greek crosses on this penedo (landmark nº 350) each oriented to its respective territory, declaring: “We drink from the same fountain; we eat at the same table (Fraga dos tres Reinos); each with his face turned towards his kingdom”.

In 1864, with the definitive layout for the borders between Spain and Portugal, it was decided to respect and uphold this border of secular tradition.

Lat : 41.964Lng : -7.01712
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