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St. Martiño Church

St. Martiño Church

The church of St. Martiño is a 17th century building, which was promoted by Antonio Pimentel and designed by the illustrious architect Simon de Monasterio.

The temple built as a private chapel for the annexed Palacio family pantheon, has a longitudinal layout with single nave divided into three sections. The chancel and church crossing are covered with coffered barrel vaults reinforced with arches, while the naves are closed with plain vaults. 

The beautiful altarpiece work of sculptor José Ferreiro stands out inside, which seems to be protecting the sarcophagi with prone statues of the Pazo  owners from the neighbouring Cadórniga. The four niches with double sepulchres typical of traditional mural burial in a niche are presented with the novelty of the architectural frame protecting them. The masculine figures due to their noble origins are presented with a cuirass, hose, boots, and helmet. The right hand holds a sword whilst the left rests on the chest. The female figures are covered with long tunics and large mantles over their heads and held across the chest.

The classic Renaissance façade is divided into three parts with a door between the columns and bell-tower. Over the frontispiece and doors of the side naves the ancient lineages of the lords of A Mezquita appear with coats of arms in blazon, escutcheons and cross-quartered, pertaining to the families of: Cadórniga, Sarmiento, Losada and Pimentel. 

Lat : 42.0099Lng : -7.04608
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