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Collégiale Saint-Jean l'évangéliste

Collégiale Saint-Jean l'évangéliste


The church of Saint John the evangelist was founded by bishop Notger around 980 and he is buried here. It was rebuilt between 1750 and 1765 following the original octagonal plan. Llisted as outstanding Wallonia patrimony, it shelters three mediaeval works of art. The “Sedes Sapientiae” (the seat of the wise) is a statue of the Virgin and Child, dating from 1230, beautifully carved in oak with its original multi-colouring. A fine drape of the cloth. Can be seen in the 3rd chapel on the left.

The Virgin and Saint John at Calvary from 1250 in the chapel on the left of the choir are two exceptional statues realistically depicting, with great mastery,the sorrow of the witnesses to the crucifixion.The church has also preserved fine quality baroque furnishings.

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