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Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Marché

Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Marché


The town is known for its centrally located chapel dedicated to Notre-Dame du Marché. The restoration, that started in 2008 and finished in 2011, restored the monument in all its glory.
The most striking element on the outside is without a doubt the spiral wind vane, an exceptional artefact in this region. The architect designed the wind vane to withstand the extreme winds on top of the tower. The massive tower can be seen from afar and stands out with its beautiful Gobertrange stones.
The chapel was recently partly desecrated. There is now also room for cultural activities such as exhibitions and concerts. The choir and the altar are still reserved for services. The painting of Our Lady of the Rosary is located at the centre of the altar. Statues of St. Roch and the Virgin and Child can be found on the side altars.
Retractable benches were installed in the nave to accommodate up to a hundred spectators. Panels that can be used for exhibitions were installed along the walls.
In an annex behind the choir, a cenotaph can be found. It is a memorial commemorating someone who is buried elsewhere. This cenotaph commemorates Count Winand de Glymes, former lord of Jodoigne, and his wive Michelle. They passed away respectively in 1668 and 1671. The couple is portrayed lying down with closed eyes and folded hands. The Count wears his armour. His helmet and gloves are places near his head.

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