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This church was founded as early as the eight century by the abbey of Munsterbilzen. The pentagonal choir dates back to the Gothic period as well as several late Gothic statues. The church was completely destroyed after a fire in 1636 and was afterwards reconstructed in Baroque style. The tower was built in 1667. In 1906 the church was extended and obtained its present state: It is a typical ‘hallenkerk’ where the aisles and the nave have the same height. The interior was decorated in neo-Gothic style. The church was thoroughly renovated in 1995.

Note the beautiful stained glass windows, the wooden barrel vaulted ceilings and the beautiful Stations of the Cross. The Brammertz organ that dates back to the eighteenth century was also restored.

The statue of Saint Anne, Saint Mary and baby Jesus, which stands in the back of the church, was created between 1520 and 1530 in a workshop either in Liège or in the Maasland. 

The statue of Saint Barbara on the right side of the nave comes from a former beguine church in Bilzen. Next to Saint Barbara is a statue of the patron saint of this parish: Saint Maurice. He used to be the captain of the Theban legion. Together with his companions he died a martyr’s death.

The tombstone of the van Bocholtz family was discovered underneath the high altar and was moved to a new place under the tower. Edmond van Bocholtz was a Grand Commander of the Teutonic Order in Alden Biesen. Edmond, who himself was not buried in this church, is also portrayed on the painting of the kneeling Saint Dominic. It was painted by Walthère Daméry (1614-1678) and used to be placed above the altar. 


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