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The house of the people in Wihéries

The house of the people in Wihéries


The house of the people in Wihéries was inaugurated in 1922. It was built on the initiative of the "La Ruche Boraine" cooperative company (founded in 1902) by Maurice Mailleux (who was also the architect for the house of the people in Boussu).

The building, which is right in the heart of the village, is striking for its generous size and its colour scheme (red and white bricks). Its classical structure features Art Nouveau decoration. The building is on two levels and takes up nine bays. The central section, with three bays, is flanked by two turrets rising to three levels and two wings, each of two bays. The building has a bâtière roof, with the exception of the turrets, which have roofs shaped like a beehive. 

The sgraffito in the central bay illustrates this link to the world of bee-keeping. In fact a beehive is depicted in it, framed by scrolls under the words "Société coopérative". Under the bees are the words "La Ruche Boraine / Maison du peuple". Just below the balcony appear the words "Liberté", "égalité" and "Fraternité". Other sgraffiti depicting floral and plant motifs are also visible above the doors and windows on the ground floor.

The house of the people once had a meeting room, reception room, café, room for selling bread, a bakery and a kitchen. The way the space is organised remains unchanged today, with the exception of the café which has been enlarged. Note the fanlights of the doors and windows alternating with yellow and green tinted glass.

Listed: 29-09-1982


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